Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Love Harvest

I love Harvest season because it happens to come in autumn which is my favorite season of the year! Boy is the winery buzzing with activity! The grapes are plumping up daily to their maximum sugar/acid ratios due to this years phenomenal growing season! As the grapes grow, so does our ever increasing guest visits.

If ever there was a time to come out and enjoy nature’s bounty, it is now! For those of you who have never visited the Hudson Valley, and in particular, Millbrook Vineyard & Winery “what are you waiting for?” There is nothing more beautiful than the views from our vineyards. Bring a camera, a blanket, a warm and fuzzy sweater, the kids, the dogs and your loved ones or best friends.

Plan to spend the day partaking of one of our interesting and informative tours followed by a tasting of our great wines. Pick up your favorite bottle of wine, (we’ll pop the cork,) Throw down the blanket in the vineyard and break out the picnic basket. Watch the workers in the vineyards as they bring in the harvest, visit the crush pad to see all the action. Seriously, have you ever seen grapes harvested? No you won’t see Lucy and Ethel stomping grapes but I can assure you the thrill is there as we turn those bursting little beauties into the necter of the Gods (Bacchus.)

Just in case this all sounds too rustic, there are still tickets available to our Annual Harvest Party which is October 9th right here at the Vineyard. This year we celebrate all things Hudson Valley, From the chefs to the food to the wine, bask in the best of what the valley provides for our table.

While you are here, get a jump start on your holiday shopping by stopping by the gift shop. I promise you, you will not find such great holiday wine related gear in all of the Hudson Valley. We have the coolest carafes, glasses, wine ornaments, and sooooo much more. Don’t believe me, come see for yourself. Please take a moment to say Hi. I’ll be looking for you.

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