Thursday, April 1, 2010

All The Little Things, by Stacey Held

Being the Assistant Marketing Manager and now the Assistant Tasting Room Manager as well, I get the rare opportunity to see everything that goes on at the winery from start to finish. In today’s hard economic times we are often left to wonder, “How do we master retention and continue to grow when times are tough?”

What are people looking for when they come to our winery? The answer I believe is in all the little things, in the details of what we do and how we do it. People want to remember their experience, they want to remember the staff but most of all they want to be remembered. In a society of high tech, digital relationships, people are hungry for real connections. When they go to dinner, when they go on vacation and especially when they come to a winery, they want personal, real and impressionable interactions. That is the essence of what Millbrook Winery is all about. This is what drives us and ignites our creative engines. The concept of making that connection with our guests and continually trying to build that relationship with our Case Club members is what we focus on.

So, this year as Millbrook emerges from its annual “think-tank like” sessions, we’re focusing on all the little things from launching this very blog to enhancing our Case Club benefits, to a million other little and not so little changes that will impact every guest both new and returning.

What I find most rewarding about being both in the Marketing Department and in the Tasting Room, is that I get to see it all unfold. This year will be full of exciting changes and new events. We’re gearing up for another great season and hopefully raising the bar while we’re at it too. Hey, we haven’t been the Hudson Valley’s Best Winery for 13 consecutive years for nothing!

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  1. I attended your book signing and wine and cheese tasting last fall and it was great!! I hope you will continue with the tradition. I would suggest you do more to market to Pawling residents. I heard about the event through a friend but would not otherwise have known about it. I got here today through your facebook posting which led to your blog, etc. Good Luck!